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Mezuzah Facts

Traditionally, inside the mezuzah cover, Jews put a klaf with hand-written excerpts from Deuteronomy 6: 4-9 that begin with Shma Israel - Listen, Israel: The Eternal is Our God, The Eternal One Alone! This becomes a proclamation because as we hang a mezuzah, we acknowledge the presence of God in our lives and thus actively strive toward the three mitzvot (obligations) outlined in the Shma: know, love, and proclaim the awesomeness of God all the time. It then continues with Vehaya from Deuteronomy 11: 13-21 that assures us of God's compensation if we abide by Jewish law.

.: We see that this doorway marks sacred space - a place where people believe in love,
   respect, and peace - a bridge to God.
.: A mezuzah is traditionally mounted at the bottom of the upper third portion of the
   doorpost on the right-hand side as one enters, slanted slightly so that the top leans
   toward the indoor space.
.: A mezuzah is hung thirty days after moving in if the home is rented, but mounted
   immediately if the home is owned.
.: The blessings are recited only once even if more than one mezuzah is being
   affixed at one time.
.: A mezuzah is mounted in every doorway of the home, except the bathroom.
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